Paperboard Batten Chamfering Machine

Product Details

Paperboard Batten Chamfering Machine 
The main technical parameter:

Processing width: 30-60mm
Processing thickness: 1.5-5mm
Tool spindle's rpm: 6000r/m
Feeding speed: 0-8m/min
Moving distance for the vertical tool shaft: 30-60mm
Milling spindle motor: 1.5KWX2
Feeding motor: 0.75KW

The structure: the working table(body), the milling spindle, the active roller for pressure materials plate, the supporting frame, the electrical cabinet and the dedusting hood.
The working table is quipped with the guide plate and the pressure material plate.
The milling spindle -there are two veritcal spindles right and left, and using four edge forming miling cutter. One is a fixed axis, and the other is a transverse moving axis.
The driving shaft of pressure material:two active rollers for pressure material.