Epoxy Resin Vacuum Pressure Casting Plant

Product Details

Epoxy Resin Vacuum Pressure Casting Plant
Industrial:Transformer Industry
raw material:Epoxy Resin
Pressing Method:Vacuum Pressure Casting
Volume: 10m (W) × 11m (D) × 7m (H);
Gross Weight:About 15t
Total Power:120KW
The equipment is exclusively used in epoxy resin vacuum – pressure casting of 10KV - 35KV dry transformer coils. Packing can be charged or not be charged.

Main features
It is applicable to resin formulas with or without packing;
Automatic degasification: thin film degasification, the degree of vacuum settable, automatic control; avoid evaporation of effective components caused by long-term high vacuum; 

The technology of thin film degasification is adopted to make degasification of casting materials complete, fast and beneficial for partial discharge performance and appearance quality; 

Automatic burdening: after degasification of materials A and B, materials can be automatically blended according to the set mixing proportion, guaranteeing reduced labor intensity and civilized production;

Vacuum in the whole process: after resin is delivered into the equipment, its mixing, degasification, weighing, final mixed degasification and casting are all finished under vacuum conditions, free from any gas in the whole process. Thus, the product quality is guaranteed; 

Rotary vane pump (German Leybold) and original vacuum transmitter (German Leybold) are adopted in the vacuum system. Besides, high-efficiency cooling and filtration devices are provided, guaranteeing precision measurement and long-term stable operation of the vacuum system;

Specially researched and developed electric heating panel is adopted for the casting tank, with high reliability;
Casting pipelines are heated under constant temperature. It can be cooled, effectively preventing resin curing; 

Advanced computer control system is adopted. Besides, advanced human-computer interface is configured, with a high degree of automation and great convenience. The formula of casting materials can be modified on the computer, with process monitoring and recording.

The maximum productive capacity: 12 coils/6h, 24 coils/10h or 500kg mixture /6h, 1000kg mixture /10h;
Volume: 10m (W) × 11m (D) × 7m (H);
Gross weight: about 15t;
Total power: 120KW
Dimension of inner chamber: Φ2400×L3000;
Dimension of mould vehicle: W1600mm×L2800mm;
Bearing load: 5t;
Final vacuum: 30Pa;
Working vacuum: 200-300Pa;
The time of reaching working vacuum: ≤40min;
Leak rate of tank body: 50Pa.L/s;
Heating power: 54KW;
Heating temperature: indoor temperature - 100℃ (adjustable, automatic constant temperature, over temperature alarming);
Temperature difference: ±2℃;
Withhold vacuum of tank body: 0.1MPa;
Temperature of armored plate on the external surface of tank body: ≤ indoor temperature +20℃