CNC Paper Winding Machine and Paper Wrapping Machine

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CNC Paper Winding Machine and Paper Wrapping Machine
Technical parameters
1. Inner diameter of core tube: Φ26~Φ54
2. Outer diameter of core tube: Φ32~Φ60
3. Length of core tube: 1000~2500 mm
4. Outer diameter of winding: Φ85~Φ240 mm
5.Winding speed: 0~60 rpm
6. Height of equipment center: 1000 mmF (from screen worktable to standing worktable)
7. Paper width: 2800 mm
8. Paper thickness: 0.05~0.12 mm (flat paper)
9. Inner diameter of original scroll: Φ76 mm
10. Outer diameter of original scroll: Φ600 mm
11. Weight of original scroll: 600kg
12. Number of cutters: 2

Technical requirements
1. The core tube is supported by the pneumatic shaft on both sides and the core tube of different specification is provided with different pneumatic shaft. The exchange of pneumatic shaft should be convenient and fast.
2. The core tube is driven by the pneumatic shaft and the pneumatic shaft is driven by servo motor. To avoid the deformation of core tube during winding, the ancillary supporting roll (hot roll) must be equipped. The supporting roll (with the increase of wrapping diameter) is also driven by servo motor.
3. The base paper roll is supported by 2800mm-long pneumatic shaft, whose assembling and disassembling must be simple, easy, safe and reliable. The carrying capacity of pneumatic shaft shall be more than 600kg.
4. The supporting mechanism of original scroll shall be provided with the tension control system to ensure the constant tension during winding.
5. To accurately lay the capacitive screen during winding, the equipment is provided with the locating tray for the accurate locating of the initial position of screen, which is convenient to operate. Before laying the capacitive screen, the equipment shall give prompts according to the winding layers and diameter.
6. There are two cutters: one is for end cutting, which shall not be moved during winding and the other is for tapered end cutting, which shall be moved according to the winding speed. The cutting of steps can be conducted synchronously on both sides.
7. The waste papers of cutting shall be collected by the winding mechanism.
8. The guide roller and core tube must be parallel to avoid any fold during winding.
9. The equipment shall be controlled by computer and operate according to the fixed program. For different products, the different program is input and the programming shall be determined according to the drawing locating dimension, winding layers, screen locating dimension, screen length, taper length and dimension and other parameters. At the same time, the equipment shall have manual control buttons.
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